Basic Sailing Licence

The WSVO Basic Sailing Certificate serves as a proof of competence for sailing. Here you can prove your theoretical and practical capabilities by exam. The training is mainly practically orientated and avoids getting into deeply theoretical material. The basic licence makes an ideal entry point into the sport of sailing. It also provides the basics needed to go on to other sailing qualifications.

For the Basic Certificate the practical and theoretical exam are mandatory. The practical tests such as setting and recovering of sails, knots, capsizing and re-righting can be examined in a way that fits the course structure.

Sailing license for kids

Sailing classes for children 6-12

No sailing school is going to teach your children to become expert sailors in just one week. At the most, a school will teach them the basics, such as how to get in the boat, how to steer, and how to avoid getting bonked on the head by the boom. At the least, your children will have some quality time on the water and will probably have a lot of fun.

At the end of the course, the children receive the junior sailing certificate.