Windsurfing school - courses and lessons

Take part in our weekly windsurfing classes at Lake Balaton in Hungary.

The training for the basic windsurfing licence takes about 12 – 15 lessons in theory and practical experience. You will learn how to sail (windsurf) in a safe way with a wind up to 8 knots. We will also teach you about rigging your equipment, safety, traffic rules steering forces and the wind courses. After finishing the course you will able to haul up, sail away, control your speed, steer, turn and tack against the wind.

Day 1: Familiarization with your equipment, get your balance right, up hauling and turning your board.
Day 2: Haul up and sail away - starting made easy.
Day 3: Steering by tilting the sail. Control your speed.
Day 4: Tacking - learn how to go against the wind.
Day 5: If you want to, do the practical and theoretical part of the test and get your windsurfing license.

Duration: Monday to Friday 3 hours daily, mornings or afternoons